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Marvin Composites products are made through the integration of specific materials, fiberglass reinforcements, and proprietary processes.

Materials + Proprietary Processes

Marvin Composites creates hundreds of custom thermally insulating components that vary in material, complexity, size, shape, color, and length. The fiberglass profiles are used in windows, doors, shutters, and refrigeration. Our material platform offerings include polyester and polyurethane pultrusions and reinforced thermoplastic extrusions.


The finish on our profiles is particularly important given how they are used. Applied during the pultrusion process, our finish creates a virtually indestructible bond with the fiberglass substrate. It is harder and thicker than other finishes, withstands extreme climates, is virtually maintenance free, resists chalking, fading, marring, and scratching and provides superior color retention and fade resistance. The finish provides long term component durability which helps extend the product life cycle and reduce waste.


Each component is manufactured to the tightest tolerances to ensure it meets precise requirements. Our in-house engineering, product development, research and development, and tool and die experts use the latest technologies to design, build and test each profile. Our extensive internal capabilities result in consistent quality control, confidentiality, and efficiency – keys to shorter lead times and higher performing products.

We use our in-house testing capabilities and third-party testing facilities, including Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), and Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) to ensure our fiberglass products meet or exceed specifications for physical properties and performance.

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